Warrenville Presbyterian

Primary School

Learning Management System Implementation

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Success comes through hard work, perseverance, determination and dedication.

Pupils will be equipped with knowledge , skills, values and attitude which will help them achieve the highest levels of their full potential as human beings and preparing them to fit in the society in which they live.

To provide quality education in a healthy environment.


The Warrenville Presbyterian School was previously known as the Warrenville Canadian Mission Indian School. This school was established during the time of the missionaries from Canada. The present building was constructed around 1952 to accommodate four hundred and fifty pupils. An annex was built to accommodate the Infant Department during the mid 1970’s. The most recent development is another annex which was constructed in 2004 on the southern end of the main building. This building comprises of the principal’s office, the resource room , the library and the computer room. To date the popula-tion of the school is 480 pupils with a staff of eighteen(18) teachers in-cluding the principal and vice principal.

Former principals of the school include George Basanta, John Jankey, Joseph Ramsaran, Jean Coward Ag, Agustus Ganagadeen, Carol Jitman, Harold Noonoo, Geeta Kalapnath-Maharaj, Rebecca Gokool P.P (Ag). Ms. Saundralyn Kalloo P.P.(Ag) and Mrs. Yvonne Singh (PP)

At present Ms. Saundralyn Kalloo is the acting Principal.

The manager of the school is Mr. Kenrick Ramai.


The academic achievements of the Warrenvillle Presbyterian School are of a High standard. In 1995, two pupils placed in the first one hundred and in 1999, four placed in the first one hundred with one placing fourth in the island. Since 2011 to present, students have been placed in the first one hundred. In 2006, one student placed in the top hundred, in 2007 five students, in 2008 one student, in 2009 seven students, in 2010 two students, in 2011 two students , in 2012 one student , 2013 five students and 2015 one student.